I’m Coach Latrice Grumley and I believe it’s never too late to discover your purpose and begin living your best life. I pray you are ready to begin your journey of living a fulfilled and prosperous life with purpose on purpose.

“It’s in Christ that we find out who we are and what we are living for.  Long before we first heard of Christ…he had his eye on us, had designs on us for glorious living, part of the overall purpose he is working out in everything and everyone” 
Ephesians 1:11 (MSG)


Purpose: The reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.

What is your purpose…?  What are you doing/not doing that fills your soul? What is your plan for living a fulfilled, prosperous life?

Were you able to answer the questions honestly, with certainty, and confidence? Maybe, maybe not?

Maybe, like me, you thought you knew and out of nowhere life pivots and you question everything; maybe, you’re in a season of your life where you feel you were created for more and you need a push to go for it; or could it be that this is the first time you’re thinking that deeply about your life and it’s challenging to come up with an answer?

No worries. I see you, I can relate and I’m excited that you’re here! 

God did not create us to do life alone and as a Purpose Life Coach,

I’m here to journey with you to:

  • gain clarity on your reason for being (the who, why, what and how of your life and your goals);
  • help you get unstuck and move toward  fulfillment and create balance (increasing happiness, growing in faith, & discovering your authentic voice);
  • recognize and overcome fears, negative thoughts/beliefs, and distractions; and,
  • ignite the power within you (increasing self-confidence, prosperity & higher levels of success)

Authentically Me...

I welcome you with open arms and a heart ready to serve. The journey that has led me to becoming a Christian Life Coach was shall I say, intentional, yet unintentional. Intentional because I love the Lord and supporting other women brings me joy.  At the same time, the journey was unintentional because I had no idea that I had to shed the layers of the person I made myself out to be in order to discover the real me, my authenticity, my voice, the inner workings of my soul, who I am and who I’m becoming.  I had to start living life with purpose on purpose.

I’ll admit, I knew from an early age I was here for a purpose, but I had no idea what that meant or what it was supposed to look like.  So, I followed the only road I felt comfortable on at the time, childcare.  My mother did it for years and I knew it was something I could do.  It was an easy option, especially being a teen mom.  I went on to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Child Studies and a Masters in Educational Leadership.  I worked as a classroom teacher, Childcare Director and a Program Administrator for grant-funded social services programs.  I loved the excitement of the children, getting to know the families and growing over the years as a leader.  But, something was missing.  It didn’t feel like it fit.  

Twenty-six years into my career, I awoke one morning with the realization that I felt like a fish out of water and I wasn’t fulfilled or passionate about my career.  I longed for more, but the fear of giving up all I had accomplished after so many years kept me feeling stuck, unsure of myself, and believing it’s too late at this time in my life to prosper in helping women transform their lives and become the best version of who God created them to be.  I was becoming more miserable as time went on and it seeped into every core of my being.  Eventually, I was fired from a position my instinct warned me not to take; took another position within the same field for financial reasons and quit in just under a year; faced health issues; all the while, keeping my marriage afloat and watching my children transition into adults.  Something had to change to clear the way for what was to come.  I needed direction.  So, I wrote in my journal, Lord, show me the way and lead me to where I should go.

Well, I believed God heard me and after some time on the road of healing, questioning and building on my relationship with Him, I discovered that everything I needed to uncover my purpose was already within me.  I was already that woman who friends called to sort through issues, listen without judgement, and pray with expectation.  I had to step out on faith and believe I could be my authentic self, fulfilled, and prosperous doing something I knew I was created for.

Here I am.  My journey led me to become an ICF trained Certified Professional Life Coach through Christian Coach Institute and starting my coaching business.  Through the training and receiving coaching for myself, I’ve found my voice, faced my fears, created a vision for my life,  released what no longer served me, and I continuously practice being aware of  living my life with purpose and on purpose. 

Besides supporting women to live their best life, I love to write/journal, especially to myself (my Soul Sister).  It helps clear the clutter that can accumulate in my mind and it keeps me connected to my true self.  Also, spending long hours at the beach with my grandchildren in the summer is an all-time favorite of mine. I enjoy crafting, creating one-of-a-kind gift baskets, watching movies, and serving in some capacity at my church.

I am grateful and excited that you are ready to discover who you are truly created to be and/or to gain clarity on the next chapter of your life.  I would love to partner with you to support, encourage and empower you to live the life that you are created to live.

“She is clothed with dignity and strength and laughs without fear of the future.” Proverbs 31:25


CPLC – Certified Professional Life Coach
M.S. Educational Leadership.

Journey through Coaching

My goal through coaching is to support and walk alongside you as you become empowered to move forward on your unique roadmap to living life with purpose on purpose.  

On your journey, we will explore where you are currently in your life, the vision and goals you have for your life, and we will create a roadmap to help lead you to higher levels of joy and satisfaction. 

How is that possible, you ask?

Well, I do this by partnering with you to: 

1. Explore your Presence

I believe in order for you to grow, you first have to know. The most important step to your journey in coaching is being able to connect to who you really are. Becoming your authentic self, requires you to know and trust yourself; and, in order for you to trust yourself, you have to be honest with where you are now.

2. Overcome Your

Change begins to happen when you’re ready to face what’s holding you back or deal with what’s getting in your way. Getting through or getting over something will evoke perseverance, passion and confidence to move forward toward your vision and dreams.

3. Prosper

In your Purpose-Prayer, planning, prioritizing and taking steps forward gives you direction for the journey. When you know the what, why and how, making life decisions are made with clarity, focus and determination, aligning with your gifts, values, passion and strengths so that you live life with meaning and intention.

To sum it up, I’m the coach to help you P.O.P! As you journey toward a more purposeful life, I will work with you to get unstuck and to discover what fulfills you by helping you find your authentic voice, grow in self-confidence, and to step into your power, unlocking your full potential and transforming you into who God created you to be, the best version of yourself.

If you would like more awareness of the areas in your life where you feel stuck or unfulfilled, download a copy of my “Life Purpose Inventory”

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“ A coach is someone trained and devoted to guiding others into increased competence, commitment and confidence.” Fredric Hudson

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To Be

  • Intake session (up to 90 minutes)
  • 4- 1:1 coaching sessions (up to 2 consecutive months)
  • Client’s choice of assessment* for reduced fee.
  • Would you like to discover or go deeper into who you really are and what you are created to do? Are you eager to be what you know you could be? Yes?! Let’s uncover the essence of who you truly are and enhance your self-awareness. We will peel back the layers and explore your values, beliefs, habits, and strengths. When you have clarity around who you are, what you want, and a plan to get there, transformation is bound to happen.

Committed to Becoming

  • Intake session (up to 90 minutes)
  • 8- 1:1 coaching sessions (up to 4 consecutive months)
  • Client’s choice of assessment*

  • Are you pretty aware of who you are and what it is that you are created to do?  Yes, but you feel stuck, confused or hesitant and don’t know why.  Do you tell yourself it’s too late, too much work, or are there other excuses keeping you from living your best life?  Yes, and now you’re ready to commit to becoming the best you by walking through the fears, dismantling the doubt and using your strengths to reach your goals.


  • Intake session (up to 90 minutes)
  • 12- 1:1 coaching sessions (2 sessions per month for 6 months)
  • Client’s choice of 2 assessments*
  • Bi-weekly email check-in for support
  • Okay, enough said.  You are ready to step into your power and live a fulfilled and prosperous life.  You have a big vision that includes lots of goals and on this journey of discovering, growing, and navigating, you need an accountability partner to help you stay focused, to encourage you, and to support you as you move toward your desired goal(s) and live an empowered, purposeful life.

*Customer may choose from the following assessments: StrengthFinders, Values, or Spiritual Gifts

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Build Your Own

  • Intake session (up to 90 minutes) included
  • Minimum of 2 sessions within a month
  • Add on any assessment @ $70 each (incl. complimentary session to review results)
  • Are you interested in coaching, yet, unsure of what coaching is like or if you're ready to commit to a package? Well, let's build you an introductory package.

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By Latrice Grumley

Who is she?
She is me and I am her.
Daring to be different, strong, brave, fearless and confident
Beautiful within the depths of her soul
Silenced by the unknown
Breaking free through the voice of truth
Her truth
Reaching out to touch the soul of her sister
Passing on the power of being all that she dreams
Loved, Empowered, Purposed!
Who is she?
She is worthy. 
Who is she?
She is Enough.
Who is she?
She is me and I am her.

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Created to Be

 Intake session (up to 90 minutes)

 4- 1:1 coaching sessions (up to 2 consecutive months)

 Client’s choice of assessment* for reduced fee.



($130 per hour)


Committed To Becoming

 Intake session (up to 90 minutes)

 8- 1:1 coaching sessions (up to 4 consecutive months)

 Client’s choice of assessment*



($130 per hour)


Empowered me

 Intake session (up to 90 minutes)

 12- 1:1 coaching sessions (2 sessions per month for 6 months)

 Client’s choice of 2 assessments*

 Bi-weekly email check-in for support



($130 per hour)


Build Your Own

 Intake Session (up to 90 minutes) included

 Minimum of 2 sessions within a month (not to exceed 4 sessions total)

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